Americana Vintage Sewing Machine Tutorial

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Carol's Quilt Shop version using fabric from Lazy Days Collection by Tilda


Americana Vintage Sewing Machine Pattern

Lazy Days Collection by Tilda

Americana Vintage Sewing Machine is designed by Tana Mueller. The pattern can be completed using any applique method. This tutorial demonstrates the raw edge applique technique.

Raw Edge Applique Technique

This technique uses a fusible product to fuse fabric pieces together. The fabric edges are kept raw. In this tutorial we use Steam A Seam 2 which has fusible material on two sizes. The manufacturer says it is permanent and can be washed. The basic steps in raw edge applique are:
  1. Trace the patches onto the gridded side of the Steam A Seam.
  2. Roughly cut out the traced patches and lightly fuse to the back of the fabric.
  3. Roughly cut out the fused patches and place in numerical order.
  4. Starting with number one, cut out the patch on the line and stick in place on the background fabric.
  5. Once you are happy with the placement, permanently fuse the pieces to the background fabric.

This complete process is demonstrated in the following 3 videos showing the assembly of Ol' Texas Pick Up Truck. The total viewing time is about 24 minutes. Please view the videos in order before continuing with the Americana Vintage Sewing Machine specific instructions. 

Americana Vintage Sewing Machine Instructions

Now we look specifically at the sewing machine project. The following video shows what's in the pattern package and describes how the pattern is divided into six sections. 

Trace All Pieces

Starting with Section 1, trace all the pieces in that section. Continue until all six sections are traced. The video below shows how to keep all your pieces in order as you go. 

Cutting the Fabric

The next video shows the following steps:
  1. Roughly cut out the traced pieces. As you cut out each piece, separate them by fabric.
  2. Place the Steam a Seam pieces onto their corresponding fabrics.
  3. Roughly cut out the fabric pieces. As you cut out each piece, separate them by section.

Assemble the Sections

Complete the Quilt

For more project tutorials and videos:

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