Cow Abstractions Piecing Tutorial

Cow Abstractions Foundation Paper Piecing pattern by Violet Craft

In this tutorial I use the Cow Abstractions Quilt Kit from Robert Kaufman.


In addition to the fabrics you will need:
  • Small ruler for trimming
  • 3" x 12" fold template. Can be template plastic, or cardboard.
  • Washable fabric glue stick
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Pen or Frixon Pen



Once you have all your fabric, fill out the swatch chart included in the pattern. Fabrics are identified by the picture in the Symbol column in the chart. 

Note: If you purchased the kit by Robert Kaufman, there is plenty of fabric for completing this project, including binding and backing. If you feel you need to cut the fabric pieces just a little larger, you should have plenty of fabric to do that. For the smaller sections, I tried to use the odd pieces of fabric before cutting from the larger pieces of fabric. Next, trim all the units to about 1/4" outside the dotted lines. The dotted lines are the cutting lines and the solid lines are stitching lines. Looking at the symbols on the unit below, we see there are two different fabrics used. 

Group all the units by section. The picture below shows units 1 through 7. Group these units together. 

Piecing starts with Unit 1 and continues numerically until all units are pieced. The first group of Units 1 through 7 are pieced individually then pieced together. The groups of numbers to the right of this section tell how to piece the units together. For example look at Units 1 through 7.
  1. Piece Unit 2 to Unit 3.
  2. Piece unit 5 to Unit 6
  3. Piece Unit 4 to the 5.6 Unit. Piece these to Unit 7
  4. Piece Unit 1 to the 2.3 Unit. Piece these to the 4.7 Unit

Transfer Stitching Lines

To help in fabric placement, use a lightbox to transfer the stitching lines to the back of the paper. You can do all the papers at the same time or you can do each group of papers before you begin piecing that group. 

Piecing the Units

The next 2 videos are demos of cutting the fabric for and piecing one unit at a time. The first describes in more detail. The second moves a little faster. 

In the next video I demonstrate piecing another unit. 

Piecing the Units Together and Some Tips

The final video describes how to piece the units together. There are tips for matching seamlines and keeping fabric in place. 

Once all the seams are sewn, you can remove all the papers and give the piece a good press. Here is my project all pieced and pressed. It's so cute! 

I had a couple of wonky places but this is an abstract cow, right? And finished is better than perfect. I hope to have this quilted soon and will post pics then. If you like these free tutorials, please support me by shopping in our store, online or in the shop. Thank you!


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