Learning to Color on Fabric Workshop


Saturday, February 29, 2020    9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Included class, kit and lunch.

Chappell Hill Historical Society Museum

9220 Poplar St, Chappell Hill, TX 77426

Are YOU a Crayon Enthusiast Too?

Tana is a crayon art enthusiast. Have you ever opened a new box of crayons? They have their own unique, colorful, fresh small. This quickly motivates her to begin the next project.

What is Crayon Art

Crayon art is artwork made or created with the use of crayon sticks that are made of wax. We are adding crayon artwork to 100% quality cotton quilt fabric to create a unique artwork design. This can be used for many applications.

Children to professional artists can create crayon art. Tana Mueller is one such artist. She creates realistic artwork using Crayola crayons.

How do you determine if you too are a crayon thenhusiast?

  • Can you sit and color for hours?
  • Do you own every crayon color they make?
  • Do you enjoy the peace and relaxation coloring bring your inner spirit?
  • Can't wait for the next technique or new project?
  • Maybe you too are a crayon enthusiast?
You do not have to be able to draw or stay within the lines to be a crayon enthusiast. You must be patient about the art. Let's get started with adding some color to your projects.
About the Project
Our artist, Tana Mueller, is very passionate about Crayola crayons and artwork. Our enthusiastic color team of instructors work together to create step-by-step workbooks and patterns When you follow our exceptional and comprehensive guide, the art of crayon artwork is yours to explore and master on your own.
The workbooks and patterns are designed for the beginner.
Supply List: We supply everything for the class project:
  • Native Texas Star workbook, fabric, stabilizers and art supplies.
  • Equipment - we provide all the equipment and tools we use for the students use during the workshop.
NOTE: If you need to reserve a light box or purchase one, simply choose your option below to register.
Skill Level: beginner
Materials Included: Class kit includes pattern, fabric, Crayola® crayons, Crayola® colored pencils, fusible, and Pigma® Micron pens.
Requirements: Light Box
Instructor: Tana Mueller

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Workshop, kit and lunch. You will need to bring your own lightbox - $125.00

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Workshop, kit and lunch. We will reserve a lightbox for you to use in class - $125.00

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Workshop, kit and lunch. You will purchase a lightbox to be delivered at the workshop - $199.71