Quilting Service

Quilting Service Fee

Prices based on the longest measurement of the quilt top:

Small - long side Up to 49" -- $75

Medium - long side 49" up to 69" -- $100

Large - long side 69" up to 89" -- $125

Extra Large - long side over 89" -- $150

Backing Prep Fee

Prepare and stitch backing fabric:

  • Backing fabric purchased from Carol's Quilt Shop - FREE
  • Backing fabric not purchased from shop - $10 per seam

Binding Service Fee

  • Half Binding: Prepare and attach binding to quilt by machine - $1.50 per linear foot
  • Full Binding: Prepare, attach binding to quilt by machine and hand stitch to back - $3.00 per linear foot

Hanging Sleeve

Prepare and attach muslin hanging sleeve - $35.00

Prepare for Machine Quilting

  • We use the same color thread for the top and bobbin so choose backing fabric carefully. Busy or multi-color fabrics hide quilting stitches/starts and stops more than solid fabrics.
  • Press the quilt top and backing fabric.
  • Remove as many stray threads as possible.
  • Backing should be 3" larger than quilt top on all sides, so add at least 6" to the width measurement and 6" to the length measurement.
  • If the quilt top and/or backing fabric is directional, please mark the top with a safety pin.
  • Please keep the top and backing separate. They do not need to be layered.
  • All scraps of batting and backing are returned to you.


We use the following battings:

  • Quilter's Dream Select batting in natural or white.
  • Warm & Natural by the Warm Company
  • Warm & White by the Warm Company
  • Hobbs 80/20 Black Batting

White batting is recommended when quilt tops or backing are made primarily from white or very light fabrics.

Black batting is recommended when quilt tops or backing are made primarily from dark or black fabrics.

Prices fluctuate a little based on the shipping charges.

Choose Your Quilting Design

We have hundreds of designs but many thousands are available. Download our current catalog of digital quilting designs.

Digital Quilting Designs - June 2019

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